Monday, November 10, 2008

Chocolate Emergency

A Chocolate Emergency is a very common ailment, caused by the need for sweets. It can easily be cured with a dessert that is easy to make and does not have to cool completely before consuming. (Incidentally, my college roommate told me she used to know what kind of day I was having if she could smell the brownies baking down the hall when she came home from class.)

These brownies are great for a Chocolate Emergency, as they also have chocolate chips. The amount of chocolate is instantly doubled, which may leave you dazed and engorged, but feeling quite satisfied.

In case you're wondering....I use Hershey's chocolate/cocoa for everything. I like the flavor best out of all the brands I've tried.

I cut the butter into chunks so it melts more evenly in the microwave.

Next I mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.

Then I mix in the wet ingredients

Finally, I mix in the chocolate chips.

The only downfall is having to wait the 30 minutes until the brownies are finished baking. By the time they come out of the oven I can only wait for them to cool about 10 minutes before I have to have one. Luckily, brownies are best served warm!

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