Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cookies, anyone?

I had another productive Sunday a few weeks ago, and made 3 batches of cookies so I could bring some to my Family Education Strategies class. I'm planning to enter all three of these recipes in the State Fair this year, so it was also good practice forming those perfect round blobs of dough.

The first batch I made was plain oatmeal cookies. I'm using a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens Biggest Cookie Book.

I'm working on the shape of these cookies, trying to make them round and evenly sized. Also, I want to maintain a chewy consistency.

I'm still working on the shape of the chocolate chip cookies. I am not sure if I'm going to use this recipe for the fair. I don't think they taste rich enough. I'm going to try a new recipe soon from the newest issue of Everyday Food magazine.

It was quite a productive and caloric day! The third type of cookies is gingersnaps that I've made many, many times.

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