Monday, February 9, 2009

Ridiculously Large Brownies

I was reminded at the best time (8:45 PM) that I had offered to bring goodies to my Strategies in Family Education class the next day. When I checked my email I found a message from Jo-Ann stores, advertising a new brownie book from Wilton, with a recipe link. I decided to make these Cake Brownies to bring in, even though I had to run to the grocery store to get eggs. (Most of the eggs in the previous post were already used.) Because the recipe only made a smaller square pan, I decided to go ahead and double it for a 9 x 13 pan.

The pan of brownies could have anchored a boat. They were, without a doubt, the biggest brownies I have made. Of course, in a Chocolate Emergency type of situation, this would definitely be an attribute.

Here's a better view of the thickness of the brownies. The recipe used cake flour, which may have had an effect.

Instead of frosting the brownies, I gave them a good dusting of powdered sugar.

The brownies were a hit at class. I believe I am going to add this recipe to the list of State Fair entries for this year. The flavor is a good balance of chocolate and sweet. However, I've found that one recipe makes more than enough brownies to satisfy my sweet tooth.

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Anita said...

these brownies look amazing!!! they look like they'd go perfectly with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and a few strawberries!