Sunday, October 19, 2008

My new favorite yeast bread project - Cinnamon Rolls

UPDATE: Here's the recipe I used, from Better Homes and Gardens. I didn't want to post this earlier because I didn't want any students to get confused about the recipe they used in class.

I decided to try my hand at cinnamon rolls this coming year at the fair. The first time I made them they turned out very nicely. The second time I made them, Mr. Findlay-Lampkin requested that half the batch be caramel rolls. After eating them, he requested that all future batches be caramel rolls. Well, I still need to practice for the fair, so I'll still make a few plain rolls. But I like the caramel rolls too, so I made more this time.

St Anthony students might find this interesting - I believe you have your last yeast breads lab this week.

I use a candy thermometer to measure the temperature of the milk so the yeast activates properly.

The dough hook on my Kitchen Aid mixer helps to knead the dough

I hand knead the dough for a minute or two, just enough to make it manageable. Then I put it in a greased bowl to rise.

Punching down the dough after the first rising. After punching down the dough is divided in half.

"Resting" the halves of the dough.

The dough gets rolled out into a rectangle (about the size of a sheet of paper), then brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with a cinnamon/sugar mixture.

Rolling up the dough with the filling.

In order to have well shaped rolls you cannot cut them with a knife. I use a piece of heavy thread, put it under the roll, and pull the ends in opposite directions to slice the rolls.

A slice of the roll.

When I enter the cinnamon rolls in the fair, I plan to bake separately on a cookie sheet, as pictured below.

This will be how my fair entries look.

This morning I made 2 pans of caramel rolls. To start, you spread the caramel mixture in the bottom of a round pans. I sprinkled mine with pecan chips.

Then I place the slices of the roll on top of the caramel.

The rolls rise again. I think I will try to see if I can get 3 pans the next time I make these - this pan is a little crowded!

The rolls after baking. I loosened them along the sides, and inverted the pan onto a plate.

The finished caramel rolls!

I really enjoy making and eating these rolls. I need a whole morning to make them - they take about 2 1/2 hours from start to finish. But you'll never go back to store-bought or a can again!


Anita said...

And the recipe, too? Thanks!

Anita said...

Darn. My first comment didn't hold!

I wanted to know if you could make them the night before and then bake on the morning of. I dont know that I'd get up 2 1/2 hours early to make them... but if you did it the night before, is that too much time for the yeast to rise? They look delish, and I am sure Mr. F-L loves them! How do you do the cinnamon rolls? Those are more up my alley than caramel...

Ms. Findlay-Lampkin said...

This recipe is from Better Homes and Gardens (1996 version). I was able to find it online today for my teacher at school. I did not post it because I didn't want any of my students to confuse it with the rolls they are making in class this week. :)

I believe you can refrigerate after the second rising time (when they are in the pans). They'll lose moisture in the fridge, so the sooner you make them, the better!