Sunday, October 19, 2008

Re-entering the foray of yeast breads

It's been a while since I made bread. I used to make my own bread all the time. Unfortunately, I had a jug of water leak while stored under my sink, right next to my Kitchen Aid mixer and its attachments. My uncoated dough hook became a casualty, as the metal oxidized and the finish was compromised. I could no longer use that dough hook; then it took me almost 3 years to replace it. I am now the proud owner of a new coated dough hook, and I'm back in the yeast bread making game.

I tested a recipe for white bread from a cookbook I bought in Jackson, MS. I thought the recipe came together well, but I thought the bread could have been a little more tan on top.

After the bread had cooled and had been wrapped up, I sliced a loaf tonight. I realized that I didn't push enough air out of the dough when I formed the loaves. There are too many air pockets, and the bread looks almost porous. I will be working on my dough techniques through the year.

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